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All publications are available at the HISTORY SOCIETY ROOM above the Yorkshire Dales Information Centre in Sedbergh or by post from SDHS Publications, c/o 72A, Main Street, SEDBERGH, Cumbria. LA10 5AD. Please note that this price list supersedes all previous ones.

VOLUME ONE: NEWSLETTERS: For a complete list see Sedbergh Historian Vol. IV No. 1, 1998

VOLUME TWO: SEDBERGH HISTORIANS: Volume Two consists of those six Sedbergh Historians printed from 1985 to 1991 inclusive. Issue 1 is 32 pages, photocopied and bound. All the others are 48 pages and printed. The cost is 4.00 each plus 0 80 postage for the first ordered and 0.40 thereafter - For a complete list see Sedbergh Historian Vol. IV No. 1, 1998

VOLUME THREE: SEDBERGH HISTORIANS: Volume Three consists of those six Sedbergh Historians printed from 1992 to 1997 inclusive. The cost is 4.00 each, postage as for Vol II above. For a complete list see Sedbergh Historian Vol IV No.4, 2001

5.00 each, postage as for Vol II above.

1 Feb 1998 Excavations at Crosedale Beck (2); Adam de Staveley; Bridges of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (1); A Tale of Two Queens; Hebblethwaikes in Marthwaite (2); Atkinsons of Crosedale Beck; Letters Home from L/Cpl Walter Sanderson

2 Feb 1999 History of Thorns Hall; Medieval Howgill; Caveliers and Roundheads; Bridges of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (2); Adam Sedgwick and Dent Fault; Sedbergh in 1851

3 Feb 2000 Description of Farms in Dentdale; Deadly Days in Stuart Dentdale; Sedbergh Post Office; Adam Sedgwick and Dent Fault (2); Akay in Marthwaite; Thomas Hadwen alias Thomas Ward; Early Stuart Dentdale

4 June 2001 Tale of Two Queens. Field Boundaries in Howgill (LHI), Intacks and Lotmunds Encroachment and Enclosure. Births Marriages and Deaths in Eighteenth Century Dentdale, Thistlethwaites and Carters of Dentdale, Mines and Quarries in Garsdale, Mid-Nineteenth Century Dentdale

5 June 2002 Development of the Parochial System, Sedbergh United Charities and Widows' Hospital part I, Farms in Fell End Ravenstonedale, End of the Manor of Dentdale Thomas Dawson's Free School in Garsdale, Cowkeepers of Liverpool, Back Yards at Sedbergh in 1940s

6 Tune 2003 Charities for the Poor in the Township of Garsdale, Westhouses: Masons Sills and
Suttons, William Wordsworth and Sedbergh. Maps of Lower Dentdale. Sedbergh United Charities and Widows' Hospital part II, Brassingtons Builders, Air Raid on Dentdale 1941

NEWSLETTERS AS SENT TO MEMBERS, 1988, 24 pages, 1.50 plus 0.50 postage. All the rest, 32 pages, 2.00 plus 0.75 postage.

1992 Wills of William Thistlethwake of Dent, Mr Francis Cowper of Dowbiggin Foot and John Spicer of Eastbanks, Dent; Short List of Documents held by SDHS; Window Tax for Sedbergh. 1728 and 1738; Church of St. Gregory, Vale of Lune.

1993 Wills of Edmund Bland the Younger and Edmund Bland the Elder of Hollin Hill, James Davis, Solicitor; Jurors in 1741; Dent's Earliest Deed; Poll Tax of 1379; Additions to the SDHS Archive; Sedbergh and Dent in the Court of Augmentations Records; The Kendal Mercury; The Sedbergh Pest; Sedbergh Market.

1994 Survey of Bridges; Sedbergh's Public Houses; White Horse alias the Blue Ball; Oral History; Local Marriage Bonds; Howgill Excavation; Kendal Weekly Mercury; Dent Burial Register; Baliol School; Dent Apprenticeship Indentures; Will of William Jackson; Crosedale Beck in Howgill; Sedbergh Rectory; More Newspaper Cuttings.

1995 Whereabouts of Local Wills; Wills of William and Agnes Dent of Cautley, Myles Archer of Kendal; William Adamthwaite Mackever; Muster Roll, Hearth Tax; Miles Leighton of Dumfries; Garsdale Wesleyan Methodist Church; House on Bun Row; Bellow, Thwaite Head and Pikehill in Garsdale ( 1584 to 1739 ); Lune Side Agricultural Society; Deeds at Wakefield; Master of the Workhouse.

1996 Wills of Mark Rumney, Vicar of Dent and James Heblethwaite of the Flowered Busk, Extent of Manor of Sedbergh; Local Slave Trade; Aikrigg and Stone Park, Killington; Holme in Middleton; Crosedale Excavation Update; Hearth Tax; Messuages and Tenements; The Laws of Garsdale; A Walk through Dowbiggin; Repeal of the Corn Laws; Bitch Hill Smithy in Dent.

1997 Wills of James Dawson of Grassholme Blade in Garsdale, Joseph Holme of Sarthwaite in Dowbiggin and James Sedgwick of Ingmire. Emigration to New Zealand in the 1860s; Dentdale's Earliest Inhabitants; Livestock in 1736; Longthwaite / Thwake in Howgill;Cockersand Abbey; Site of Barth Mill; Mottes and Baileys in the Lune Valley; Documents relating to Garsdale; Deeds of Gileses, Saltergills, Badgerdub, Pikehill and Crossthwaite, all in Garsdale; Slate Quarry in Dentdale; Guy Fawkes Night in Dent.

1998 Will of John Cowper of Pedgecroft; Local Record Offices, Addresses and Contact Numbers; Lady Elizabeth Otway; Ancient Enclosures on Crag Side; Place-names of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (1), (2), (3); Graveyard Recording Group Update; Local Heritage Initiative - Howgill Project (1); Blirtses in Lower Garsdale; Manor of Sedbergh Admittances in 1469.

1999 Will of James Wadeson of Broadyeat in Dowbiggin; Place-names of Sedbergh, Garsdale
and Dent (4); Eastern Soolbank c1280; Sedbergh Market, an Update; Beckfoot and Crook of Lune in Howgill; Local Heritage Initiative - Howgill Project (2); Bee Boles and Allied Structures; Thomas and Grace Nelson; Reports in the Westmorland Gazette; Manor of Sedbergh V

2000 Manor of Dent; Date Lists, Bowscale in Dowbiggin, Millbeck and Rawridding in Dent; Littletown in Garsdale; Christianity in the Dales - Symposium; Book Reviews; Travelling over the Sands;

2001 LHI Boundaries in Howgill, Revd. Peter Walkden's Diary, Fragments of Local History in the PRO, Locals and Offcomers, Annie Blades, Dent Tennis Club, Workhouse Entrants 1732-9, Harbourgill, Sedbergh Memories, Guides to Records - Census Parish Registers

2002 Sedbergh Shops in 1940s Survey, Snowdrop Band Library, Dent Parish Registers, Golden Jubilees 1837 & 2002 Guides to Records - Tithe Maps Hearth Tax Returns Muster Rolls Land Tax Returns, Wills and Testaments,

2003 Furness Railway, Upton Family, Property of Sedbergh Rectory 1568, 1st Edition OS Map Sedbergh, Dent Parish Magazines 1895, Killington Schoolmaster's Diary 1876, Family of Roger Lupton, Buildings, Grandfather's House Dent 1940s, Cowkeeping Liverpool, Visits to Hoffmann Kiln, Gayle Mill, Kirkby Lonsdale

2004 Family of Roger Lupton, Grandfather's House Dent 1940's. Building, Buffalo Bill in Kendal, Workhouse, Visits, Pilgrimage of Grace, Henry Hope of Ravenstonedale, Unusual Doorway, Sedberg Musical Society, Women's Rights.

2005 Silver Jubilee Issue Perambulations of the Dent Boundaries - Joyce Scobie
Dr Roger Lupton 1456-1540 - Richard Cann & Elspeth Griffiths
Corn Mills in Sixteenth Century Dent - Paul Willan
The Wealth of Local Farmers in past Centuries - Francis W Stacey
Local Farming in Past Centuries - Francis W Stacey
The Local Hand-Knitting Industry - Francis W Stacey
The History Of Two Poor Charities In Dent - Richard Cann
Bracken on Bracken - Brendan Bracken
Photographs by Joyce Scobie and Richard Cann and from the Sedbergh & District History Society Archive

2006 Vol. V No.3 ISSN 1356-8183
Some Restorations of St Andrew's Church, Sedbergh Richard Cann
Some Mill Owning Families in Early Dent - Paul Willan
Willan of Nether Mill in the l6th Century - Paul Willan
Some Comings and Goings of Sedbergh Schoolboys - Francis W Stacey
The Herd Family of Howgill - John Edmund Herd
Features of Vagrancy in Kirkby Stephen 1857-1900 - Julie Leigh
Photographs Courtesy of J E Herd, R Cann, D Elphick, J Scobie and E Griffiths and from the Sedbergh & District History Society Archive



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The Newsletters and the Sedbergh Historian are now edited by a board consisting of Joyce Scobie, Diane Elphick, Tony Hannam and Francis W Stacey. If you have any correspondence relating to the Society's Publications please write to the Editor c/o, The History Room, 72A Main Street SEDBERGH, Cumbria LA 10 5AD.

If you would like to contribute an Article to next year's Sedbergh Historian, please let us know as soon as possible. Because of the long lead time involved with publications such as this we must have finished articles on or before January 1st.