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All meetings start at 7.30pm in Settlebeck School unless otherwise shown.


If you would like a lift to an event please ring a member of the committee.  All talks will start at 7.30pm in the venue shown.  There will be an admission charge of £1 for members and £2 for non-members to cover expenses and for the refreshments provided.

WEDNESDAY 17TH JANUARY      How water shaped Kendal

Geoff Brambles:  An illustrated talk examining the ways in which the natural behaviour of water and its human management have influenced the physical growth, urban morphology and economic development of Kendal




WEDNESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY      The history of Holme Mill

Geoff Pegg:   An illustrated talk describing the history of Holme Mill from its first use as a flax mill in1790, followed by its conversion to a coconut matting factory in 1864, through to its closure as a mill in 1975.                                                                        




WEDNESDAY 21ST FEBRUARY    St Helena: a final voyage?

                    Mike Beecroft:  An illustrated talk outlining the history of the island, its links to Britain, and the connections between Napoleon and the Doveton family from Cumbria. The talk will also review recent developments and the prospects for the future of the “Saints” and their island.  

                                                                                                    DENT MEMORIAL HALL



WEDNESDAY 7TH MARCH           Discovering a landscape of industry

Andrew Lowe:  An illustrated talk looking at the wide range of crafts and industries that have made the Lake District a working landscape. The industrial heritage is a vital component of the attractive landscape we see today.  




WEDNESDAY 21ST MARCH          Iron Age track to motorway: two thousand years through the Lune Gorge

Graham Hooley:  This illustrated talk will include reference to the Roman period and recent archaeological investigations at the Low Borrowbridge fort in addition to considering the different transport routes up to the building of the M6.




SATURDAY 24TH MARCH             Annual General Meeting  7pm for 7.30pm.

The AGM will be followed by a buffet meal on a Jacob’s Join basis.

                                                                                SETTLEBECK SCHOOL


For further information please contact the Winter Programme Secretary, Richard Cann 015396 20771.

In the event of very bad weather, please phone before you set out.



Lectures & Outings
from 2005

Summer Trips 2017

Thursday 18th May 2017 - Dent Marble

Wednesday 7th June 2017 - Constable Burton Gardens & Hall

Monday 19th June 2017 - Rievaulx Abbey

Saturday 1st July 2017- Significant Sites & Notable People Of Penrith


SATURDAY 18TH MARCH 2017 Annual General Meeting   7pm for 7.30pm.

WEDNESDAY 6TH DECEMBER     The Highland Clearances

Mike Winstanley:  An illustrated talk which will deal with the Highland Clearances of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The alleged cruelty and inhumanity of the landowners have become legendary but how justified is this opinion?  This talk tries to take a dispassionate view of this tumultuous time.



FRIDAY 24TH NOVEMBER           The Annual Dinner, 7pm for 7.30pm.


WEDNESDAY 15TH NOVEMBER   Monasteries and their influence in North Lancashire and South Cumbria

Alan Crosby:  An illustrated talk on the monastic houses in this area and their distinctive local characteristics, particularly in the context of their relationship with the wider community, which might have played a part in the resilience of Catholicism after the Reformation.

WEDNESDAY 1TH NOVEMBER     Boskin, Skelbuse and Foddergang: traditional farm buildings in the Yorkshire Dales

Jim Brightman:  An illustrated talk drawing on new research into historical farming in the Yorkshire Dales and an overview of the past, present and possible future uses of the traditional farm buildings.  


WEDNESDAY 18TH OCTOBER      Liverpool Cowkeepers – a family history

Dave Joy:  An illustrated talk looking at the lives and times of the Liverpool Cowkeepers many of whom came from our area. The speaker’s own ancestors from Upper Wharfedale were cowkeepers.

WEDNESDAY 4TH OCTOBER        The Shap Stones

Jean Scott-Smith:  An illustrated talk on the once important Shap Stones showing how the ancient sites were linked and what can be seen of them today.

“Taking the northern waters .... with Dr Garnett"

Professor Robert Fox: An illustrated talk exploring the vogue for spa waters in eighteenth century England where in the north Harrogate reigned supreme.  It was there that Thomas Garnett (1766-1802), a former pupil of John Dawson in Sedbergh, made his reputation as a spa doctor before going on to national fame as a scientific lecturer.



The Home Front, Sedbergh 1914-1918

Diane Elphick:  An illustrated talk showing how the war affected the people of Sedbergh including the role of children, fundraising events, working parties, regulations and the demands on farmers.



Dickens, charity and Cowgill

                    Jean Briggs:  An illustrated talk concerning a plea in 1853 to Charles Dickens for charitable help from Mrs Matthews, wife of the Curate of St John’s Cowgill. The talk also covers the history of Mrs Matthews and her Brazilian father who was an agent of the British Government during the period of the South American Revolution.



The enclosure of Bluecaster: why Sedbergh hated the Stricklands

Kevin Lancaster:   An illustrated talk describing how Sedbergh people successfully opposed the attempt of the Strickland family to enclose Bluecaster.



The Evacuation of Civilians from Burma, 1942 (Part 2)

Mike Leigh:  Almost half a million civilians escaped from Burma in 1942 in the space of six months. This illustrated talk offers glimpses into episodes from the evacuation and is a continuation from his previous talk.



The Annual Dinner, 7pm for 7.30pm.



Westfield War Memorial Village: a story of survival

Martin Purdy:  An illustrated talk on the village in Lancaster and its unique and ongoing story of survival – incorporating original anecdotes and material about and from the philanthropists, militarists and residents who have been central to its existence.



The geology of the Dent marble industry

William Fraser:  An illustrated talk covering the geology of the area, the location of known quarries that supplied the industry and their methods of working and transporting the stone and what remains of the factory site.



Making a grand entrance

Andrew Lowe:  An illustrated talk looking at the range of historic doorways in the Lake District, in order to help people understand the architectural detailing and dating of buildings over the last few hundred years.



The archaeology of the A66: Greta Bridge to Scotch Corner

John Zant:  An illustrated talk presenting the results of a series of archaeological investigations undertaken in 2006/7 by Oxford Archaeology North on the route of the A66.



North Craven in the early mediaeval period: an archaeological perspective                     

David Johnson:  An illustrated talk which will summarise the newly-dated post Roman and pre Norman conquest sites in North Craven. It will also consider the wider implications of the excavation results and present a new hypothesis.



Tuesday 12th July 2-30pm

Members will enjoy four centuries of house architecture and five acres of award winning gardens. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 1pm or in Dalemain Car Park at 2-20.



Tuesday 21st June 2016  2-30pm 

A conducted tour of the handsome Palladian villa, the extensive woodland and formal gardens. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 12-30am or at 2-20pm in the car park at the Hall,



Wednesday 8th June 2016 12pm

On arrival we will have a light lunch in the café which is renowned for its delicious baking. Then we will be shown the processes involved in milling stoneground flours. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 10-30am or outside the mill at 12pm



Wednesday 25th May 2016 2pm

An introduction to the galleries which house extensive collections relating to Lake District natural history, world wildlife and the history of the Kendal region. Afterwards we will adjourn to a Kendal restaurant for an early evening meal. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park for shared transport at 1pm or outside the Museum on Station Road Kendal at 2 pm.


Annual General Meeting      7pm for 7.30pm

The AGM will be followed by a buffet meal on a Jacob’s Join basis.


The Highland Clearances
Dr Mike Winstanley
:   This illustrated talk is an exploration and reassessment of the social, economic and environmental changes occurring in the Scottish Highlands from the late 18th to the mid 19th century, culminating in the potato famine of the 1840s.

Due to illness the above lecture was replaced by Photos of Old Dent - Graham Dalton

WEDNESDAY 2ND MARCH 2016   Telling it Like it Was
Anthea Boulton
:  Memories of Dent, Sedbergh and Garsdale from the Dent & Sedbergh Oral History Society archive.


Waiter, Miner, Butcher, Spy: Germans and Austrians in Cumbria during the First World War

Dr Rob David:  This illustrated talk describes what happens to Germans and Austrians who were in Britain when the war broke out.  Some were naturalised British citizens whilst others were merely working here.  The talk describes what happened to them and their families.


Sedbergh Area in the Past

Richard Cann:   An illustrated talk showing how Sedbergh and its area have changed over the past one hundred and fifty years.


The Evacuation of Civilians from Burma, 1942

Dr Mike Leigh:  Almost half a million civilians escaped from Burma in 1942 in the space of six months. This illustrated talk offers glimpses into episodes from the evacuation.


Manorial Courts and Common Land in Northern England

Professor Angus Winchester:  An illustrated talk exploring how local communities managed the conflicting interests on the common land. The records of manor courts, that made the byelaws and punished those who broke the rules, provide insights into the use of common land in the late medieval and early modern centuries.

North Craven in the Early Medieval Period,  An Archaeological Perspective

Dr David Johnson:  An illustrated talk on recent work by the Ingleborough Archaeological Group into sites of early medieval date, and the issues arising from the excavation results.

The Annual Dinner, 7pm for 7.30pm.

The Great Wall of China

Dr Raynor Shaw:  An illustrated talk giving an overview of the Chinese Dynasties, reviewing the major periods of wall building and describing the characteristics of the Great Wall at ten localities along its length of over 13,000 miles.

War, Warriors and the War Hospital

Isobel Stirk:  A talk which features the writers and poets who were writing at the time of WW1.  It includes the story of the Northern General War Hospital in Leeds and describes different attitudes to the conflict and the bravery carried out and the sacrifices made by so many whilst doing what they thought was their duty.

The Men Who Built Carlisle Cathedral

Thirlie Grundy:  An illustrated talk giving the nationalities of the cathedral’s builders, who they were and what happened to them whilst working in Carlisle.

Friday 17th July 2015 2pm

As they guide us round the town, Caroline Hardie-Hammond and Cliff Brown will explain something of its rich heritage. Meet at Loftus Hill Car Park at 12pm or park at Morrisons in Barnard Castle, 23, Galgate.
Meet at the Post Office, 2, Galgate

Tuesday 23rd June 2015 2pm

A conducted visit to ‘the world’s only working steam powered weaving mill’. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 12pm or outside the mill at 2pm. entrance £4.50. sat. nav. BB10 2HX. Travel via M6 and M65.
Contact Julie Leigh for directions through Burnley

Wednesday 10th June 2015 7pm

Mike Kingsbury will introduce members to the history of the town. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park for shared transport at 6.30 or at 7pm in Kirkby Lonsdale Market Square .

Saturday 23rd May 2015 2pm

Barbara Hartley will lead a walk on the Fells and identify some interesting archaeological remains. Park at Low Branthwaite (by kind permission of Karen Bruce-Lockhart) and meet at High Branthwaite at 2pm.
Contact Julie Leigh for a lift or directions. 01539620726

Saturday 21st March 2015 Annual General Meeting 7pm for 7.30pm

Wednesday 18th March 2015 King Richard111: Lord of the North & the search for his grave
Dr Sandra Pendlington This illustrated talk will show how this Lord of the North (as Duke of Gloucester) dealt with Border security in the North West, the Battle of Bosworth and his subsequent burial and the search for his grave at Greyfriars Friary in Leicester.

Wednesday 4th March 2015 Westfield War Memorial Village
Peter Donnelly This illustrated talk will inform us about the vision of the famous garden designer Thomas Mawson to create a memorial village built by soldiers returning from the war.

Wednesday 18th February 2015 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Admiral Sir John Kerr This illustrated talk will give an overview of the Commission, its responsibilities, the scale of the task and challenges it faces today.

Wednesday 4th February 2015 Mills, Mines and more

Kevin Lancaster This illustrated talk will give an overview of the industrial heritage of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent , followed by a discussion of its relationship with the local economy as a whole.

Wednesday 21st January 2015 Crime and Punishment in 19th century Westmorland and Cumberland
Julie Leigh. Based on research, the talk will focus on local policing and the changes over time.

Wednesday 3rd December 2014 Objection Overruled
David Bolton This talk is taken from David Bolton’s book ‘Objection Overruled’
Described by The Observer as ‘the classic account of conscientious objection’.

Friday November 28th 2014 Annual Dinner at Farfield Mill 7pm for 7.30p

Wednesday 19th November 2014 Sizergh and the recent excavations
Jamie Quartermaine This illustrated talk will show how Levens Local History group and the National Trust joined forces, under a professional team from Oxford Archaeology North, to excavate a prehistoric burnt mound, an earthwork suspected as being medieval and The Great Barn in the grounds of Sizergh Castle.

Wednesday 5th November 2014 Heritage of the Hills
Judy Dunford An illustrated talk about hill farming in the Howgills during World War 2, taken from the photographs and memories of Peggy Postlethwaite who was a hill farmer during that time.

Wednesday 15th October 2014 The History of Folksong

Shelia Fletcher…A brief history of the development of folksong in England, illustrated with songs and rhymes.

Wednesday 1st October 2014 The Bronte Family
Isobel Stirk An illustrated talk telling the story of the Bronte family from Patrick, the father’s humble beginnings in Ireland, to his death eighty four years later in Haworth-with all the joys and sorrows he had to endure as he became the sole survivor of his large family.

Saturday 22nd March  2014      Annual General Meeting       7pm for 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th March 2014
Mike Kingsbury 
‘High Bank House, Barbon’ 

Eight years of research has gone into this illustrated talk. It shows the history of this yeoman farmer’s house site and occupants from the 16th century to the present day.

Wednesday 5th March 2014
Jean Scott-Smith   ‘Over Shap Fell by Track, Road and Rail’

Ancient tribes, Roman legions, stage-coach ways and inns, shanty towns, the building of the railways and the M6 Motorway all used the narrow Tebay Gap. This illustrated talk will give us a broad perspective of this special routeway.

Wednesday 19th February 2014
Anthea Boulton  ‘Treasure Trove of Memories’

A dip into the oral history archives for Dent, Sedbergh and Garsdale

Wednesday 5th February 2014
Andrew Lowe 
‘Lakeland Architecture through the Centuries’

This illustrated talk looks at the wide range of historic buildings in the Lake District, from Medieval times to the 20th century

Wednesday 15th January 2014
Jeff Cowton 
‘Wordsworth in Cumbria’

An illustrated talk looking at the many connections between Wordsworth and the history, landscape and people of Cumbria

Wednesday 20th November 2013
Bill Kitchen
   ‘From Engine Cleaner to Main Line Fireman’

This talk will bring to the audience the incidents, humour and some of the characters associated with those halcyon days of steam and British Railways..           

Friday November 29th 2013 Annual Dinner at Farfield Mill 7pm for 7.30p

Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Eric Matthews   ‘By the Sword Divided’ 

An illustrated talk about deadly political rivalry in Late Medieval Mallerstang. It will trace the development of Lammerside from the early 14th century to its role in the Wars of the Roses.                                     

(The talk will be followed by a short AGM due to the postponement of the original one in March)

Wednesday 16th October 2013
Raymond Whittaker 
‘Sarah Losh and Wreay Church’

An illustrated talk about this unique, extraordinary little church, full of exquisite mythological and early religious carvings and of its creator, Sarah Losh, a woman of exceptional imagination and energy.

Wednesday 6th November 2013
Dr Raynor Shaw  ‘The Angkor Temple Complex’

This illustrated talk will give an over view of the construction and history of this monumental pre-industrial site in Cambodia between 802AD to its abandonment in 1431AD

Wednesday 26th June 2013 - Killington
Maureen Lamb will show some of Killington's historic buildings and has kindly invited us to her house for a cup of tea

Wednesday 10th July 2013 - Ingleton

John Bentley will introduce us to the history of Ingleton, focusing on the industrial heritage of the village

Wednesday 6th March 2013
Jennifer Holt      The Diary of Thomas Fenwick Esq

This important and previously unknown late eighteenth- century diary, has recently been edited  by our speaker, Jennifer Holt. Thomas Fenwick (neeWilson ) 1729-94 , MP for Westmorland, travelled widely and wrote extensively of his journeys through England including Sedbergh and area.

Wednesday 20th March 2013
Dr Tony Stephens    The Cattledroving Birtwhistles of Craven and Galloway

This illustrated talk will take us through the records of three generations of a family, providing interesting insights into the droving business in the second half of the eighteenth century.

Wednesday 16th January 2013
Judith Robinson     To Kosovo Journeys in time

A glimpse of the history and culture of the Kosovo Albanians through the experiences of the late Neil Robinson during a 1956 expedition and those of his widow and daughters in 2011, when they went to Kosovo to open an exhibition of Neil’s unique photographs.

Wednesday 6th February 2013

Dr Elizabeth Roberts   Schools, Children and Work

The talk will explore, through oral evidence, why in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the world of work was more important to the general public than a formal education.

Wednesday 20th February, 2013
Maureen Lamb     Killington through the Ages

A thumbnail history of England in the tiny village of Killington. From Vikings to plague sermons to Prince Charlie’s buried treasure, the landscape of Killington still bears the footprint of England’s history if you dig deep enough

Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Dr Sam Riches     St. George & that dragon

An illustrated talk about St. George as a Patron Saint in late Medieval England covering him as hero, martyr and myth.                                

Wednesday 17th October 2012     
Sheena Gemmel     Kingdom of Northumbria

An illustrated talk exploring the rise of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, the golden age of this kingdom and how it related in the distant past to present day Cumbria.

Wednesday 7th November 2012 
Janet Niepokozycka     Packhorse Ways & Days

An illustrated talk looking at the days when four hooves ruled the roads and fell tracks by this well known author and traveller.

Wednesday 21st November 2012
Annie Hamilton-Gibney  Recent Excavations

An illustrated report of the exciting recent excavations at the Roman Fort of Low Borrowbridge by Lunesdale Archaeological Society.                             

Friday 23rd November 2012 
Annual Dinner 7 for 7.30pm      THORNS HALL


Wednesday 5th December 2012
Katy Iliffe    The History of your House

We will be shown how to research the history of our own house or another of interest, using  various documents and computer programmes as resources. We will also have guidance as to where documents from the past may be stored.

Wednesday 5th October 2012
Anthony Fitzherbert O.B.E 
-  Afghanistan  

An illustrated talk of 180 years of British and other foreign involvement providing a somewhat different glimpse of that country. 

Wednesday 19th October 2012
Graham Dalton  - Slides of the Dentdale in times past

A journey through the dale using slides and old photographs 

Wednesday 18th January 2012
Tom Clare  - Stone Circles and Burial Mounds 

A review of current knowledge and a look at some theories 

Wednesday 1st February 
Ian Murray  - Railway Navvies of Mallerstang

An illustrated talk about the myths and legends of the navvy period in the dale and their historical basis  

Wednesday 22nd February 
Janet Niepokozyeka  - Packhorse ways, Packhorse Days

An illustrated talk looking at the days when four hooves ruled the roads and fell tracks 

Wednesday 7th March 
Trevor Hughes  - Curiosities of Cumbrian Churches

An illustrated guided tour of the unusual, often hidden aspects in some of our Cumbrian Churches. 


Wednesday 21st March 
Sheena Gemmell   - The Ancient Kingdom of Northumbria

This illustrated talk will cover the rise of Northumbria, its golden age, tribal areas, trade and cultural diversity 

Saturday 24th March 
Annual General Meeting
Followed by a presentation and Jacob’s Join



Wednesday 11th May 2.30pm

 A conducted tour of the village. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 1-30pm or at the Lime Street Stores in Holme, (opposite the church), where there is parking.

Thursday 2rd June

Meet outside the Castle at 2pm or in Loftus Hill Car Park at 12-30am. A guided visit to the castle will be followed by a canal trip.


Wednesday 15th June 

On a walk through Tearnside Mike Kinsbury will talk about aspects of its history, geology, transport, farming, archaeology and architecture. Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 6-15pm or at the Tearnside lay-by, just off the A65 between Kirkby Lonsdale and the M6, at 7pm.


Wednesday 6th July 6pm

David Johnson will introduce members to interesting sites in High and Low Bentham. The tour will end at the church in Low Bentham which is next door to the pub! Meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 5pm or at the Grasmere Drive Car Park in High Bentham at 6pm. It is signposted on the left hand side of Main Street as you approach from Low Bentham.  

WINTER  2011

Wednesday 19th January Trevor Avery
Auschwitz to Ambleside
The story of 300 children who survived the Holocaust and who were flown to the Lake District from Prague in 1945.


Wednesday 2nd  February  Ian Tyler  
Gunpowder Mills of
An insight into the gunpowder industry of South Lakeland  - its highlights and its inevitable toll; a forgotten industry of the Lake District.


Wednesday 16th February June Hall 
Every Home is a Museum  
Social history from objects, family heirlooms, everyday items, souvenirs and what they reveal, their stories and conservation.


Wednesday 2nd March  Peter Higginbotham 
Three Centuries of the Workhouse
An illustrated history of the workhouse, especially focusing on North Yorkshire and Westmorland.


Wednesday 16th March Dr Trevor Piearce
Victorian Naturalists and the heyday of
natural history
Why natural history was so popular in Victorian times, who the Victorian Naturalists were and how they
their interest and their legacy.
A joint talk with CWT


Saturday 19th March  Annual General Meeting followed by a photographic presentation
The District in Times Past by Richard Cann and Diane Elphick
and a Jacob’s

For further information please contact the Winter Programme Secretary

Dilys Evans, 5, Palmer Hill, Sedbergh, LA10 5DD; telephone: (015396) 22505


Past Lectures & Outing


Wednesday 6th October
Professor Mike Huggins
  Sedbergh: Sport and Local Identity c1870 - 2000.

Wednesday 20th October
Andrew Lowe  Wrestlers, Crucks and Mullions
The illustrated talk looks at the variety of vernacular features which contribute to the distinctive character of Lake District Traditional Buildings.

Wednesday 3rd  November
Sydney Richardson
Conscription in the First World War
The social and economic impact of World War I conscription (1916-1918) with numerous examples from the Kirkby Stephen area.

Wednesday 17th November
Richard Cann

Slides of Old Sedbergh and area


Friday 26th November - Dinner 7.00pm for 7.30pm  THORNS HALL

Wednesday 1st December
Anthony Fitzherbert
Afghanistan - An Historical Gallop - through 170 years of British (and other) involvement


Wednesday 6th January  Richard Cann    Slides of Old Sedbergh and area

Wednesday 20th January  The Revd. Tim Widdess, George Handley and David Bracken  
The History of Local Methodism
A history of the Methodist Church in Sedbergh and the Dales.

Wednesday 3rd
February  Professor Alison Findlay, Dr Hilary Hinds and Professor Emeritus Meg Twycross
The Journeys of George Fox  
An introduction to the Lancaster University Early Quaker Project and website.

17th February Dr Michael Winstanley
The Edwardian Domesday: A Unique Source for Local History
The ‘new domesday’ of 1910-1914 was a detailed survey of every property in the country. This talk will explain the nature of the source and how it can be accessed. It will also explain what can be done with it.       

Wednesday 3rd March Margaret Gowling 
Women in a Man’s World: 17th Century Villagers in the Eden Valley           
How did ordinary women cope in the villages of the Upper Eden in the 17thCentury? The sources used are all original, unpublished documents

Saturday 20th March  Annual General Meeting  and a Jacob's Join
followed by a talk by John Mounsey on
Robert Foster, a Man of Parts


Wednesday 7th October  Katy Iliffe  Researching Family History
Lecture on using local, national and on-line resources to research family history

Wednesday 21st October
 Allan King 
The Lost
Village of Calgarth and the  Short Brothers’ Factory at White Cross Bay
The story of Sunderland Flying Boats.

Wednesday 4th November   Harry Wilson  The North Eastern Railway  - a Benevolent Monopoly
Outline history of the North Eastern Railway 1854-1922, the nature of its business and its impact on the North East and on the United Kingdom.

Wednesday 18th November   June Hall   Lady Anne Clifford
The Life of Lady Anne Clifford and her journey from Skipton, where she was born, to Brougham, where she died.

Friday 27th November  Annual dinner   Sedbergh Golf Club 7.00 for 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 2nd December  Ivan Day   Traditional Food of the Lake Counties and North Yorkshire

Wednesday 7th January Members’ talks:

Mike Beecroft  St Helena, Napoleon and the Westmorland connection
Susan Garnett  Facts and phantoms of Upper Eden

Wednesday 21st January  Mrs Susan Oliver The Registration Service since 1837
A brief history followed by time for questions and answers and a chance to see some old registers.

Wednesday 4th February Trevor Hughes Old Kendal ‘Now and Then’ Part 2

Wednesday 18th February 
Maureen Lamb is going to talk about the Local Textile Industry at the Peoples' Hall Sedbergh

Wednesday 4th March
  Dr Kate Sharpe Motifs, monuments, and mountains:  the carved stones of prehistoric Cumbria                                               
A review of the current knowledge of prehistoric rock art in Cumbria,  setting it in a wider British and European context and suggesting some possible interpretations based on recent research.

Wednesday 18th March Don McLellan  The buildings of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Saturday 21st March  Annual General Meeting followed by a talk by Professor Robert Fox, President of SDHS, and a Jacob’s Join



Wednesday 27th May 2-30pm
Brian Parker, Churchwarden of St Oswald's will take us round the church and talk to us about the area. A cup of tea at Country Harvest afterwards. Meet in the pub car park (opposite the church) at 2-30pm or in Loftus Hill Car Park at l-45pm.

Saturday 6th June 2-30pm
Tom Attwood will lead a visit to this beautiful Mawson garden. Park and assemble in the grounds at 2-30 or meet in Loftus Hill Car Park at 1-30.

Wednesday 24th June 2pm
Dennis Sanderson will conduct members on a walk to Heletsgale Barn. Meet at Blind Beck Bridge in Barbondale at 2pm or in Loftus Hill Car Park at 1-15.

Wednesday 8th July 2pm
Caroline Morris will introduce us to some of the interesting features in this attractive village. A cup of tea at the Black Swan afterwards. Park and meet on the Triangle by the village school at 2pm or at 1-30 in Loftus Hill Car Park.


Joyce Scobie:  Cow keepers from the Yorkshire Dales

Wednesday 16th January 2008 Martha Bates:  Harriet MarHneau, Political Journalist
Bom in 1862 in Norwich of Huguenot descent, she was deaf from childhood yet became a political columnist of considerable influence in England and a prolific writer of articles and novels. She had the Knoll in Ambleside built for her retirement.

Wednesday 30th January 2008 Vickv Aspin & Steve Smith:  Howgill to Himalaya: the Sedbergh-Tibet Connection
The historical background of several Old Sedberghians who went to Tibet, one of whom was George Sherriff diplomat and plant hunter, and an account of some of his botanical discoveries. With CWLT


Wednesday 6th February 2008 Trevor Hughes:  Old Kendal
History of Kendal with slides and old photographs of the 1890s.


Wednesday 20th February 2008 Tom Clare:  King Arthur and the Lost Kingdom of Rheged

Wednesday 5th March  Professor David Shotter    Rome's Northern Frontier in Britain
A review of the Roman conquest ofNorth-West England to the point where it was found necessary to create frontiers in northern England; he will examine the nature and purpose of the Stanegate frontier and Hadrian's Wall

Saturday 15th March 2008 Annual General Meeting at 7.30 pm, followed by Jacob's Join refreshments

Wednesday 19th March 2008 Peter Fleming:  Coniston Coppermines
A brief history of recent exploration of the underground workings.

Wednesday 1st October  Dr Eleanor Straughton Common land in England and Wales: historical perspectives
A general introduction to common land and its history, with reference to case study areas in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Wales. 

Wednesday 15th October
 Martin Gibson  The eighteenth century excise service with particular emphasis on the career of Richard Brunskill of Sedbergh
A general history of the excise service, its famous literary officers, its structure, pay, conditions and reputation, with particular reference to the career of Richard Brunskill, Officer of the Excise, 1794-1829.

Wednesday 5th November  
Jack Manning Ancient Fish Traps
An account of the fish traps exposed during channel movements and which proved to be very old.

Wednesday 19th November  Dr Andrew White Kendal Carriers 
A review of the carrying trade from Kendal to the rest of England and abroad from the 17th Century, first with packhorses, then with wagons and carts.

Friday 28th November  Annual dinner Sedbergh Golf Club 7.00 for 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 3rd December  David Boulton  Cromwell’s representative in Sedbergh and Dent
The life and times of Gervaise Benson who complained that 17th Century Sedbergh had no fewer than 14 alehouses and that the Vicar was a frequenter of them all.


Wednesday 30th April 2pm


A visit to the Mayor's Parlour at Kendal Town Hall. Gwen Murfin, the present Mayor and an ex-resident of Sedbergh hopes to be present. Meet at 1-15pm in Loftus Hill Car Park or outside the Town Hall at 2pm.


Wednesday 28th May 2pm


A walk around this ancient port led by Ralph Lewthwaite. Meet at Loftus Hill Car Park at 12-OOpm or the South Shore Car Park in Whitehaven at 2pm.


Wednesday 18th June 6pm


An introduction to the range of archives held by the Office, and an update on recent acquisitions. Meet at 5-15pm at Loftus Hill Car Park or outside County Hall at 6pm


Wednesday 9th July 2pm


A guided tour of the remains ofMiddleton Hall (by kind permission of Mr and Mrs D.Watson) followed by a visit to Killington Church. Meet at Middleton Hall at 2pm or ring One of the Programme Secretaries for a lift. Members only on this occasion.



Wednesday 3rd October 2007
Bette Kissack:  The Life of Thomas Mawson, Landscape
Gardener and Architect
Biography including during the First World War with pictures of many of his landscape work in gardens of the Lake District.

Wednesday 17th October 2007
David Matthews Wilberforce:  Westmorland and Yorkshire
Describes Wilberforce's journey through Yorkshire and the Lake District as a young man and his great campaign for the abolition of slavery and reform of society. AT DENTDALE MEMORIAL HALL

Wednesday 7th November 2007  Kevin Lancaster:  Garsdale Mills
Explores the documentation of water corn mills in Garsdale.

Wednesday 21st November 2007 Dr Malcolm Petyt:  Dialect in 'Wuthering Heights'
What features of dialect does Emily record? Are these attempts to portray one particular dialect? If so, how accurate is this, and how can we tell?

Friday 30th November 2007 Annual dinner at Thorns Hall, 7.00 for 7.30 pm

Wednesday 5th December 2007 Members' talks:
Judith Robinson: Researching John Atkinson 's Book



Wednesday 4th January 2006
Adrian Rogan 'Andrew de Harcia and the Scottish Wars of Independence'
The story of his amazing career: border warfare in the early fourteenth century

Wednesday 18th January 2006
Dr Simon Smith 'Robert Lowther, Governor of Barbados (1711-20): Saint or Sinner?'
Examines the two terms served by Robert Lowther (of Maulds Meaburn) as Governor; contemporary histories strongly criticise his governorship as being tyrannical and corrupt but there are two sides to every story.

Wednesday 1st February 2006 Members' talks:
Roger Underwood 'From Bristol to Sedbergh and Back Again - a Journey of Fifty Years'
Kevin Lancaster 'Inventories'

Wednesday 15th February 2006
Mrs Judith Robinson 'A Year at Killington Hall'
Aspects of local life in the late nineteenth century as revealed by the 1876 diary of Agnes Ann Kendal of Killington Hall.

Wednesday 1st March 2006
David Boulton 'Adam in Paradise' - a Film. AT DENTDALE MEMORIAL HALL
A showing of the Granada Television film about Dent's History, first broadcast in 1985, featuring Dent Choir and Dent characters.

Wednesday 15th March 2006
Professor Robert Fox 'The Scientists and Schools of Sedgwick's North Country'
In the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the schools of North Lancashire, Westmorland, Cumberland and the Yorkshire Dales produced an unusually large number of young men who went on to distinguished careers in science. The speaker examines the context from which they emerged.

Saturday 25th March 2006
Annual General Meeting at 7.30 pm, followed by Jacob's Join refreshments

Wednesday 3rd May 2006
2.45pm Leighton Hall
Guided visit to the hall and gardens. Assemble at Leighton Hall car park at 2.45 pm (gr 494745) or Loftus Hill car park at 2 pm.

Wednesday 24th May 2006
2.15pm Braithwaite Hall and Middleham Castle
Short conducted tour of the Hall followed by a visit to me castle ruins. Meet at Braithwaite Hall at 2 15 pm (gr 117858) or Loftus Hill car park at 12.30pm

Saturday 17th June 2006
2.30pm Judges' Lodgings and Maritime Museum Lancaster
Conducted tour of the Judges' Lodgings, followed by a walk round me museum. Meet outside the Judges' Lodgings at 2 30 pm or Loftus Hill car park at 1 30 pm. Parking in Lancaster at the multi-storey car park halfway between the Judges' Lodgings and the Maritime Museum on the lefthand side of the road by Mitre House.

Wednesday 19th July 2006
2.00pm Kendal Walk

A conducted walk in south Kendal. Assemble at the Canal Head Kendal at 2.00pm or Loftus Hill car park at 1 30pm.


Wednesday 5th October 2005
Dr Peter McCue 'Ghostly Armies: an Examination of some British Cases'
Apparitions and theories of apparitions; some examples of phantom army cases, including Edgehill, Souter Fell, Loch Ashie and Dent.

Wednesday 19th October 2005
lan Lewis 'Memorialisation of the Great War 1914-1925'
The community politics of the establishment of war memorials in the South Lakes area, and the iconography and language of memorials.

Saturday 22nd October 2005
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Dinner at the Queen's Hall, Sedbergh School. 7.00pm for 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 2nd November 2005
Mrs Margaret Gowling '652 Horseshoes and Some Old Clouts: Kirkby Stephen in the 17th Century'
The development of the economy of a Westmorland market centre as seen through the wills and inventories of its inhabitants.

Wednesday 16th November 2005
The Revd Canon David Peacock 'Ruskin's Legacy'
Ruskin's wide-ranging ideas and the way in which these have come to influence our modern-day lives.

Wednesday 7th December 2005
Dr Rob David 'Slate Quarries and Quarrymen in the North Eastern Lake District'
An illustrated lecture examining the landscape, documentary and pictorial evidence for slate quarrying, and some of the successes and difficulties involved in recording the lives of the quarrymen themselves.