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All publications are available at the HISTORY SOCIETY ROOM above the Information Centre in Sedbergh or by post from SDHS Publications, c/o 72A, Main Street, SEDBERGH, Cumbria. LA10 5AD.

VOLUME ONE: NEWSLETTERS  These twelve Newsletters, first printed between 1981 and 1984, constitute Volume One of the Society's Publications.  They vary from 8 to 32 pages and are all A4 in size.

1. July 1981 Millthrop Mill ( Part 1 ); Nos. 6 & 7 Settlebeck, Sedbergh   

2. Sept 1981 The Old Granary, Back Lane; Millthrop Mill (2)       

3. Dec 1981     Millthrop Mill (3); Thorns Hall, Sedbergh; The Cornmills of Gawthrop;   Dent Marble Works; Hobson’s Farm, Cowgill (1)       

4. Mar 1982     New Street, Sedbergh; Millthrop Mill (4); the Atlantic Slave Trade; The Old Police House, Garsdale; A Sedbergh Schoolteacher (1); Hobson's Farm (2); Blands of Cowgill; Robert Willan (1)

5. Sept 1982    Burnt Mill and Dowbiggin Foot; A Sedbergh Schoolteacher (2); Archers Hall, Sedbergh; Robert Willan (2); The Row, Farfield.

6. Mar 1983  John Haygarth; Pendragon Castle; Robert Willan (3); Hobson's Farm (3); The Great Garsdale Flood, 1889.

7. Aug 1983  Black Holes in Family History; Derry Cottages, Millthrop

8. Oct 1983  William Moister; Hobson's Farm (4); John Dawson of Garsdale.

9. Feb 1984      Hallbank, Dent, A Country Workhouse (1); Methodism in Sedbergh; Birks, Sedbergh; The Fishwick Family; James Inman; The Book Club.

10. Aug 1984             Isaac Hadwen, Clockmaker; Hallbank, Dent (2); John Dawson Watson; Sedbergh by Gaslight (1); Methodism in Dent.

11. Dec 1984  Cautley and the Cautley Family; The Gawthrop Family

12. Apr 1985              Hebblethwaite Hall; The Westalls of Dent; St. Gregory's Church, Vale of Lune; A Sedbergh Artist in North Wales.


VOLUME TWO: SEDBERGH HISTORIANS: Volume Two consists of those six Sedbergh Historians printed from 1985 to 1991 inclusive. Issue 1 is 32 pages, photocopied and bound. All the others are 48 pages and printed.

1.  Oct 1985  An Edwardian Childhood in Cowgill; the Wharton Bible Charity; William Westall's North of England Prints; The Name of Akrigg; Sedbergh by Gas Light (2).

2. Feb 1987   The Wilkinsons of Garsdale; The Golden Lion Inn; Hartley Coleridge and the Bronte Novels; History of the Prep.  School (1); Emigration from Dent; Early Quakers in the Eden Valley.    

3. Feb 1988   The History of Dovecote Gill, Dowbiggin; Gressums and Fines; The Free Grammar School, Dent (1); Poet Close of Kirkby Stephen; Victorian Sedbergh; The Church in Garsdale; The Dent Survey of 1602; Some Sedbergh Solicitors; The Enclosure of Bluecaster; The Kaber Rigg Plot; Prep School Sedbergh (2).

4.  Feb 1989  The Cartulary of Cockersands Abbey; The Purchase of the Manor of Garsdale; Mines and Quarries on Baugh Fell;    A Travelling Baptismal Register; History of the Workhouse, Sedbergh; The Free Grammar School, Dent (2); The Diary of William Pooley Blacow (1); Prep. School Sedbergh (3).

5.  Feb 1990  The History of the Spout in Dowbiggin; A History of Wharton Hall; Baines of Hegholme Hall, Killington; The Family History of Dr John Haygarth; Building the New Workhouse; Sedbergh and the Religious Census, 1851; The Diary of William Pooley Blacow (2); The Colliers of Dentdale; The White Hart and Finkle Street, 1740 - 1946.

6.  Feb 1991  Archaeological Survey in Howgill; Sarthwaite in Dowbiggin; Life of Roger Lupton; Nature Diary of James Haygarth; Sedbergh Turnpike Trust (1); The Wharton Memorial at Kirkby Stephen Church; History of Hollow Mill, Dent.

VOLUME THREE: SEDBERGH HISTORIANS: Volume Three consists of those six Sedbergh Historians printed from 1992 to 1997 inclusive.

1.  Feb 1992  The Cowper Family of Sedbergh; The Parringtons of Garsdale; Sedbergh Turnpike Trust (2); Sedbergh Church and Vicarage in the 18th Century; The Manor of Dent; Benjamin Shaw, Growing up in Dentdale.

2.  Feb 1993  The Ancient Kingdom of Dent; Lands of the Monks and Canons; Lordships and Manors of Sedbergh; Sedbergh Turnpike Trust (3); Elizabeth Fothergill; The Diary of William Pooley Blacow (3).

3.  Feb 1994  Limekilns and Limeburning in Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (1); Sedbergh Church and Coverham Abbey; Pre-Reformation Rectors and Vicars; George Fothergill; Sedbergh Constables’ Accounts (1); William Corney of Oaks and the Crowthers of Garths; The Surname Swinbank.

4.  Feb 1995  Limekilns and Limeburning (2); Population of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent; Enclosure of Dent Commons; Haygarths of Dent and Garsdale; Pews in Garsdale Church; Queen Anne’s Bounty in Dentdale; Food Through the Ages; Boundaries of Garsdale Manor.

5.  Feb 1996  Excavations at Crosedale Beck (1); Medieval Sedbergh and Dent; Dentdale in the Days of Henry VIII; Foundation of Sedbergh School; Sedbergh Constables’ Accounts (2).

6. Feb 1997   Twelve Dentdale Pubs; Sedbergh and the Normans; The Diary of William Pooley Blacow (4); Hebblethwaites in Marthwaite (1); Harper Family of Garsdale; 41, Main Street, Sedbergh. Review of  “Light in the Dales”.

VOLUME FIVE: SEDBERGH HISTORIANS  Volume Five consists of those six Sedbergh Historians printed from 1998 to 2003 inclusive.

1 Feb 1998 Excavations at Crosedale Beck (2); Adam de Staveley; Bridges of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (1); A Tale of Two Queens; Hebblethwaikes in Marthwaite (2); Atkinsons of Crosedale Beck; Letters Home from L/Cpl Walter Sanderson

2 Feb 1999 History of Thorns Hall; Medieval Howgill; Caveliers and Roundheads; Bridges of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (2); Adam Sedgwick and Dent Fault; Sedbergh in 1851

3 Feb 2000 Description of Farms in Dentdale; Deadly Days in Stuart Dentdale; Sedbergh Post Office; Adam Sedgwick and Dent Fault (2); Akay in Marthwaite; Thomas Hadwen alias Thomas Ward; Early Stuart Dentdale

4 June 2001 Tale of Two Queens. Field Boundaries in Howgill (LHI), Intacks and Lotmunds Encroachment and Enclosure. Births Marriages and Deaths in Eighteenth Century Dentdale, Thistlethwaites and Carters of Dentdale, Mines and Quarries in Garsdale, Mid-Nineteenth Century Dentdale

5 June 2002 Development of the Parochial System, Sedbergh United Charities and Widows' Hospital part I, Farms in Fell End Ravenstonedale, End of the Manor of Dentdale Thomas Dawson's Free School in Garsdale, Cowkeepers of Liverpool, Back Yards at Sedbergh in 1940s

6 June 2003 Charities for the Poor in the Township of Garsdale, Westhouses: Masons Sills and Suttons, William Wordsworth and Sedbergh. Maps of Lower Dentdale. Sedbergh United Charities and Widows' Hospital part II, Brassingtons Builders, Air Raid on Dentdale 1941


VOLUME SIX: SEDBERGH HISTORIANS  Volume Six consists of those Sedbergh Historians printed from 2004 to 2017 inclusive.

2004   St Andrew’s Sedbergh at the Reformation, The Damning of Dentdale, Another Tithe Strike in Dentdale & Garsdale, John Haygarth 1740-1827,  Willan of Shoolbred,  Robert Foster 1754-1827, Houses in Dentdale,  Sedbergh United Charities and Widows’ Hospital part III

2005 Silver Jubilee Issue Perambulations of the Dent Boundaries, Dr Roger Lupton 1456-1540, Corn Mills in Sixteenth Century Dent, The Wealth of Local Farmers in past Centuries, Local Farming in Past Centuries, The Local Hand-Knitting Industry, The History Of Two Poor Charities In Dent, Bracken on Bracken.

2006   Restoration of St Andrew’s Sedbergh, Some Mill Owning Families in Early Dent, Willan of Nether Mill in 16th Century, Comings and Goings of Sedbergh Schoolboys, The Herd Family of Howgill, Vagrancy in Kirkby Stephen

2007   Boundaries of Deepdale, Local Wills in Tudor Times, Quarrying in the area, Garsdale in the Nineteenth Century, Plantations in the West Indies, Windows of St Andrews’s Sedbergh

2008   Asshes, Ashbeckgill in Soolbank, Sixteenth Century Vicars of Sedbergh, The Rise and Decline of Local Quakerism, The Brunskills Photographers, Cowkeepers, William Dawson, John Atkinson’s Copybook.

2009   Howgill Church Choir 1840s, Sedbergh Masters and Martyrs, Millthrop, Sedbergh Braggs, Robert Foster, The Brunskill Family; Commercial Photographers.

2010   Asshes, Ashbeckgill in Soolbank 2, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Vicars of Sedbergh, Ale and Beer in Sedbergh, War Diary of Edmund Herd pt1. Landownership in Dentdale, Dialect Speech in Wuthering Heights.

2011   Change in Victorian Dentdale, Origins of a Royal Tale, A Cautley Methodist Family in the 1860s, War Diary of Edmund Herd pt2. The Ancestry of Anthony and Alice Hewitson.

2012   Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Vicars of Sedbergh, War Diary of Edmund Herd pt3, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, The Willan Family USA, Peter Moor, John Dawson Watson, Baliol School.

2013   Robert Willan, Florence Upton’s Absences from Ingmire, Founding Sedbergh’s Workhouses, Beyond Red Letter Days, War Diary of Edmund Herd pt4, Thomas (Tommy) Moor(e). 

2014   The Cowper Family (1); A Garsdale Thistlethwaite Family; Sedgwick Dialect and Language; The Extraordinary Termination of Bland Mill; Sedbergh Households 1851; The Borders Voyage to India 1915.

2015   Reminiscences the History Society 1980-88; Cowper Family (2); William Sutton; Three Colonels Hebblethwaite; Wartime Sedbergh, 1941.

2016   The History Society 1989-2000; Wartime Sedbergh 1939-40; William John Sutton; Cowper Family (3)

2017   More History Society Reminiscences; Some Willan Family Letters from Dent to Upper Canada, 1822–1840; Wartime Sedbergh – 1942;


2018   Richard Herd, The Howgill Poet; Was James Spicer at Waterloo?; The Blackest Day in WW1 in the Sedbergh District; Wartime Sedbergh 1943.


1988 Wills of Reginald Harryson of Sedbergh; Richard Capstick of Dent; Henry Hebblethwaite of Sedbergh.  Rental of the Manor of Sedbergh, 1570; Tom Bracken and the Burglar; Cowgill School Hebblethwaite Family; Shuttleworths and Hebblethwaite Hall.

1989 Wills of Edmond Guye and Henry Guy of Hollin Hill; John and Robert Heblethwaite of Archers Hall; Samuel Archer of Pluckey; John and George Nelson of Picthill in  Garsdale.  Sedbergh in the 1840s; Mackereth Hill, Cautley; Barth, Dent; A Walk in the Lune Valley; Two Dales of Ground in Soolbank; Revenue and Expenditure of Hornby Castle; Garsdale National Elementary School; Report of the County Medical Officer; Customnal of the Manors of Sedbergh and Lenacre in Dent, 1569; The Workhouse Master from Dentdale; The Clouds

1990 Wills of Sir John and Braithwaite Otway; Edward Guy of Halifax; James Fawcett of Beckside in Cautley; and Charles Atkinson of Borrad.  Navvies at Dent Head; Ingmire Hall; Walk around Frostrow; Petition to the Assize Justices from Sedbergh; Moss in Frostrow; Marriage of Mrs E. Blades; Borwen Head, Dent; Bridges in Sedbergh; Swarthgill Sunday School; A Quaker Marriage.

1991  Wills of Edward Ratcliffe, Thomas and Ellianor Hadwen, George Fawcett of Stonehall and Daniel Tennant of Garsdale Foot; Deeds of Evans House and Ashbeckgill; Peat Potts on Bluecaster; Mill Sites around Sedbergh; Dr Batty’s Day Book; Sale of Leonard Haygarth's Goods; A Letter from America.

1992  Wills of William Thistlethwaite of Dent, Mr Francis Cowper of Dowbiggin Foot and John Spicer of Eastbanks, Dent; Short List of Documents held by SDHS; Window Tax for Sedbergh. 1728 and 1738; Church of St. Gregory, Vale of Lune.

1993  Wills of Edmund Bland the Younger and Edmund Bland the Elder of Hollin Hill, James Davis, Solicitor; Jurors in 1741; Dent's Earliest Deed; Poll Tax of 1379; Additions to the SDHS Archive; Sedbergh and Dent in the Court of Augmentations Records; The Kendal Mercury; The Sedbergh Pest; Sedbergh Market.

1994 Survey of Bridges; Sedbergh's Public Houses; White Horse alias the Blue Ball; Oral History; Local Marriage Bonds; Howgill Excavation; Kendal Weekly Mercury; Dent Burial Register; Baliol School; Dent Apprenticeship Indentures; Will of William Jackson; Crosedale Beck in Howgill; Sedbergh Rectory; More Newspaper Cuttings.

1995  Whereabouts of Local Wills; Wills of William and Agnes Dent of Cautley, Myles Archer of Kendal; William Adamthwaite Mackever; Muster Roll, Hearth Tax; Miles Leighton of Dumfries; Garsdale Wesleyan Methodist Church; House on Bun Row; Bellow, Thwaite Head and Pikehill in Garsdale ( 1584 to 1739 ); Lune Side Agricultural Society; Deeds at Wakefield; Master of the Workhouse.

1996  Wills of Mark Rumney, Vicar of Dent and James Heblethwaite of the Flowered Busk, Extent of Manor of Sedbergh; Local Slave Trade; Aikrigg and Stone Park, Killington; Holme in Middleton; Crosedale Excavation Update; Hearth Tax; Messuages and Tenements; The Laws of Garsdale; A Walk through Dowbiggin; Repeal of the Corn Laws; Bitch Hill Smithy in Dent.

1997  Wills of James Dawson of Grassholme Blade in Garsdale, Joseph Holme of Sarthwaite in Dowbiggin and James Sedgwick of Ingmire. Emigration to New Zealand in the 1860s; Dentdale's Earliest Inhabitants; Livestock in 1736; Longthwaite / Thwake in Howgill;Cockersand Abbey; Site of Barth Mill; Mottes and Baileys in the Lune Valley; Documents relating to Garsdale; Deeds of Gileses, Saltergills, Badgerdub, Pikehill and Crossthwaite, all in Garsdale; Slate Quarry in Dentdale; Guy Fawkes Night in Dent.

1998  Will of John Cowper of Pedgecroft; Local Record Offices, Addresses and Contact Numbers; Lady Elizabeth Otway; Ancient Enclosures on Crag Side; Place-names of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent (1), (2), (3); Graveyard Recording Group Update; Local Heritage Initiative - Howgill Project (1); Blirtses in Lower Garsdale; Manor of Sedbergh Admittances in 1469.

1999  Will of James Wadeson of Broadyeat in Dowbiggin; Place-names of Sedbergh, Garsdale
and Dent (4); Eastern Soolbank c1280; Sedbergh Market, an Update; Beckfoot and Crook of Lune in Howgill; Local Heritage Initiative - Howgill Project (2); Bee Boles and Allied Structures; Thomas and Grace Nelson; Reports in the Westmorland Gazette; Manor of Sedbergh V

2000 Manor of Dent; Date Lists, Bowscale in Dowbiggin, Millbeck and Rawridding in Dent; Littletown in Garsdale; Christianity in the Dales - Symposium; Book Reviews; Travelling over the Sands;

2001  LHI Boundaries in Howgill, Revd. Peter Walkden's Diary, Fragments of Local History in the PRO, Locals and Offcomers, Annie Blades, Dent Tennis Club, Workhouse Entrants 1732-9, Harbourgill, Sedbergh Memories, Guides to Records - Census Parish Registers

2002  Sedbergh Shops in 1940s Survey, Snowdrop Band Library, Dent Parish Registers, Golden Jubilees 1837 & 2002 Guides to Records - Tithe Maps Hearth Tax Returns Muster Rolls Land Tax Returns, Wills and Testaments,

2003  Furness Railway, Upton Family, Property of Sedbergh Rectory 1568, 1st Edition OS Map Sedbergh, Dent Parish Magazines 1895, Killington Schoolmaster's Diary 1876, Family of Roger Lupton, Buildings, Grandfather's House Dent 1940s, Cowkeeping Liverpool, Visits to Hoffmann Kiln, Gayle Mill, Kirkby Lonsdale

2004  Family of Roger Lupton, Grandfather's House Dent 1940's. Building, Buffalo Bill in Kendal, Workhouse, Visits, Pilgrimage of Grace, Henry Hope of Ravenstonedale, Unusual Doorway, Sedbergh Musical Society, Women's Rights.

2005   Dent Boundaries, Pilgrimage of Grace, Sedbergh Wartime Defences, John Haygarth, Brougham Hall and other houses, Local Measurements,  Killington Hall, Uptons, Dent Grammar School, 

2006   Cowkeeping, Andrew de Harcla, Brunskill Photographs, The Uptons, Cornmills in Dentdale, Ingleborough, Middleton Chantry, Holmes A Askew, Sedbergh Railway, Sedbergh Manor Minutes 1857, Visits to Middleham, Leighton Hall and Lancaster

2007   Bank Barns, Boskins and Beeholes, Who was Whaley, Phantom Footsteps, Local Farming, Windermere Canada, Sedbergh Cricket, Sedbergh School 16th Century, Cowkeepers, Quarries, Clergy Ordinations 1510-1541, Webster Buildings, HMMTB 93 Sedbergh, Mystery at Black Horse, Thomas Mawson, Wilberforce

2008   Ice Age Dentdale, Fitzhughs, Sedberghians in Tibet, Civil War, Time Team in Garsdale, Queen’s Gardens, Middleton Hall, John Dawson, Sedbergh War Memorial, Dr Roger Lupton, Sanctuary at Durham, Common Land

2009   Walking Match 1878, Great War Bibles, Boundary Perambulations, Turnpike Tolls, Gervase Benson, Napoleon Westmorland Connections, Phantoms of Upper Eden, Manhole Covers, John Whitwell, Lord Armstrong and Dent, Hebblethwaite family, Tommy Handley, Traditional Food, Ploughing and Hedging 1879, Local Methodism

2010   Food, Lady Ann Clifford, Ploughing and Hedging, Methodism, William Sawrey, F W Stacey, Memories, People’s Hall, Typhoid Dent 1889, Crucks, Conscription, Nowells.

2011   Sedbergh Union Workhouse, Auschwitz to Ambleside, Gunpowder Mills, St Andrew’s Church Bells, Pilgrimage of Grace, Afghanistan, Reports of SDHS activities and activities

2012   Appleby New Fair, Cumbrians on the Move, Stone Circles, Newspaper Cuttings 1897, Joss Lane Auction Mart, The Ironstone Man, Extracts Kendal Mercury 1861, Northumbria, 

2013   HSBC Bank, Kosovo Journeys, Bowling, Evacuation of Kabul 1929, Killington, Prof Sedgwick and Dent, Diary Thos Fenwick, Adam Sedbar,

2014   Day in Dales 1912; New Road in Dent; Dr Inman; Mr Batty; Oral History; Brontes; Roman Roads; Folk Song; Marriage and Death Records.

2015   Dent Rushbearing; Sizergh; Dentdale Skull; Low Borrowbridge; Crime and Punishment; Floods; Richard III; Horticultural Show; Carlisle Cathedral; Evacuation in WW2; Rugby and Football, Jack Brown and HMMTB 92

2016   Foundation Sedbergh School; Adam Sedgwick Memorial; Battle of the Nile; Doon Dent poem; Settle Carlisle Railway; Ted Morphet; Horse Racing; Reports Burma; Archaeology A66; Entrances; Notebook re Vaughan Williams; Great Wall of China

2017   Excerpts from Canada; Dr Garnett Taking the Northern Waters; William Westall; News 1867; Reports Medieval North Craven; Burma 2; Cowkeepers; Westfield Memorial Village; Bluecaster Enclosure; Kynren; Dickens and Cowgill; Dent Marble; Rievaulx; Penrith; Constable Burton’ Shap Stones

2018   Boskin, Skelbuse and Foddergang; Guldrey Lodge; Monasteries of NW; Highland Clearances; Slavery in the UK; Visit to Slovenia; Book of Bridges Garsdale to Hawes; Sedbergh’s WW2 Effort; Richard Smith Solicitor and Cricket; Holme Mill; Visits to Barbon, Browsholme Hall; Sedbergh’s Lady Bell Ringers; Archaeology of the Lune Gorge; Log Boats to Edwardian Steamboats in the Lake District; Visit to St. Helena; The Yards of Kendal; A Railway for Sedbergh; Remembrance 2018; Newspaper Extracts December 1918.


The Newsletters and the Sedbergh Historian are now edited by a board consisting of Diane Elphick and Julie Leigh. If you have any correspondence relating to the Society's Publications please write to the Editor c/o, The History Room, 72A Main Street SEDBERGH, Cumbria LA 10 5AD.

If you would like to contribute an Article to next year's Sedbergh Historian, please let us know as soon as possible. Because of the long lead time involved with publications such as this we must have finished articles on or before January 31st.